Get to know the history of AtuanTI by Gímel Group

Present in the market since 2003, AtuanTI by Gímel Group is made up of 4 companies: AtuanTI Serviços, AtuanTI Data Center, and Gímel Tecnologia. Through their joint efforts, it provides customers with a wide range of IT products, software and services. The group serves the corporate and government market, offering quality services and always guided by the motto: "Excellence in Technology and Attendance".

It all started when the group's CEO, Claudia Gimenes Aguilar, started her first IT resale at age 19, working for 6 years. After that, she worked 1 year on HP projects and solutions, winning, in addition to many other awards, first place in "Highest Value and Largest HP High-End Solutions Project".

With natural entrepreneurial spirit and dreaming to help more companies and people to simplify life by means of technology, founded in 2003 to Gímel Tecnologia.

The initial work was dedicated to the sale of hardware and software and, after 3 years, the company became an HP partner, providing its customers with branded solutions. With the increasing demand coupled with the quality of the service provided, customers began to request that Gimel write the IT project as a whole, including the installation and management of purchased equipment.

To meet these requests for complete solutions in IT services, in 2008, AtuanTI Serviços was born. The company was founded by Claudia in partnership with her two brothers. Both are part of the team of people who market solutions and help the company grow every day. They support the whole operation and services with the support of a competent and committed team, of which they are very proud.

Claudia, in turn, with the mission to train even more and offer the best technology solutions for its customers, began to seek abroad what is most modern and innovative in the segment. The objective of the search for international learning was, in addition to facilitating and automating to the maximum the internal processes of the company, to be able to offer to customers in advance the technological tendencies of the world market.

And so it was, closely following the news of the advancement of technology, coupled with the growing demand for data security that originate the other two companies in the group: AtuanTI Data Center, specializing in Cloud and Data Center solutions and, the branch located in California that delivers solutions in SD-Wan and Firewall as a Service.


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