“By hiring AtuanTI's managed IT services we have gained agility in solving Alitalia's problems. As a result of this prompt service, we have greater efficiency in each department.

Their differential compared to other companies we have worked with in the past is the availability of care. When the professional I'm in direct contact can't answer the call right away, they direct another technician quickly. Professionalism and agility are the hallmarks of AtuanTI”.

Lindomar Klein Station Manager
Alitalia Società Aerea Italiana S.p.A.


"We hired AtuanTI to perform the Rack Installation, TV and HDMI cable routing service. The great advantage for our company was the speed with which they did the work. The good communication of the company is one of its differentials, besides the transparency in the prices and services provided".

Edison Oliveira IT Manager da BIOAGE


"We hired AtuanTI to perform the Clustter configuration service. The big plus for our company was the value for money of that choice. The company differs from the others in terms of punctuality and effectiveness; they really  fulfills what it promises".

Edison Oliveira Administrador de redes sênior


"With the hiring of the AtuanTI Cloud Backup service we can rest assured about the security of our archives and it is possible to consult them when necessary, even if there is an external issue. AtuanTI's great differential is personal service, customer service and human proximity. It's a safe, humane and capable company".

Vanessa Haro Arquiteta Coordenadora
Luminosos Acrinel Indústria e Com.


"Gímel / AtuanTI is a provider of information technology services and software solutions for over 10 years, an important partner for our company. We trust them to keep our IT infrastructure updated. Eight months ago they were our partners for installation of Office 365, proving financially it was better to migrate to cloud than buying licenses. With this migration we saved more than 38% of the cost of software.

We now have the flexibility to increase and decrease the amount of licenses according to our headcount, without having to upgrade licenses. It was much simpler. Currently, we have 14 branches and a lean team that focuses on the company's business and so we rely on their experience to help us manage our IT with great efficiency".

De Meo Ferramentas - Adilson Pinto Gerente de TI
De Meo Ferramentas


"AtuanTI always meets us punctually, technicians are highly trained and professional services are performed with high quality. All employees who we have contact with are aligned with our business and our needs - commercial, administrative and technical support. Our company has 8,500 employees and demand is great.

I am pleased to have partnered with AtuanTI because my focus is on my business and with my clients and AtuanTI help me solve the internal problems generating more time for me to grow the business. Thanks AtuanTI".

Lincoln Pereira Chefe de tecnologia e operações
Call Technology


"The partnership between Qatar Airways and Gimel has contributed positively to the good functioning of the entire company's I.T. business in São Paulo. We are pleased with the services and especially with the professional attention we received from all the staff".

Samira Gerente de TI
Qatar Airways


"Saraiva has always taken advantage of technological advances to improve the level of services offered to customers within acceptable levels of cost / benefit. Given this concern Gimel seeks to broker a standardized I.T. equipment contract with HP aiming to upgrade the technology of our servers and workstations, especially in stores and in the Internet operation. This provided a reduction in maintenance costs and significant improvements in application response time.

Saraiva has always sought to foster long-term partnerships with its suppliers as we have with Gimel since 2004. In this period, we have maintained with Gimel, beyond the usual, commercial studies of storage solutions, networking, point of sale and I.T. management assets, showing that a lasting partnership goes far beyond the simple provision of products or services. For the I.T. area of Saraiva is very important that the vendor show agility at the time Murphy's Law manifests itself and that equipment should not stop under any circumstances despite all possible care and redundancy have been taken. When the need for a solution for mission-critical events arises it is the value of a supplier that is tested. Gimel has shown a concern for the after-sales and an understanding of the continuity of our mission-critical business that is not common to find in the market.

In fact, Saraiva sees Gimel as a committed supplier to the solution of our I.T problems within a cost / benefit ratio. But the value of Gimel for Saraiva is greater than an extrapolation of pure and simple business relationship, reaching concern for the continuity of the solution presented over time, preserving investments and maximizing ROI".

Livraria Saraiva - César Groh Diretor de TI e logística
Livraria Saraiva


"When we think of a partnership, we look at the features that will bring us better comfort and quality to perform our services. Thinking about that and focused on I.T. projects, TMKT chose Gimel as our main provider of connectivity and high performance server solutions.

In all these years of partnership, Gimel has shown all their professionalism and competence; fulfilling strictly all project deadlines deployed in TMKT, especially in our ongoing expansion.

TMKT recommends a partnership with the Gimel to all companies in our segment. Very seriously, Gimel has contributed to the growth and consolidation of our brand".

César Camargo Diretor de TI
TMKT Serv. Mkt


"After hiring the web hosting service AtuanTI by Gímel Group I was able to sell pictures online, a type of business that I had never had before. I would recommend the company to others because I liked the service and they were very helpful and attentive throughout the process".

Mariza de Freitas Empreendedora


"We had an e-mail migration service carried out by AtuanTI. The company's differential in relation to its competitors is its agility and proactivity in the service provided. They have met our expectations and that is why we recommend AtuanTI by Gímel Group".

Ciro Piccino Administrador
Grupo Centralfer


"The biggest benefit we tested with an Update Data Center service implementation is a security of our backup files are in a safe place. We believe that the differential of the company is the flexibility offered in the measure in which it is necessary to install, for example, a migration from basic plan x to advanced. In addition, an AtuanTI has a fast and efficient telephone support and that is why we recommend its services to our contacts".

Anderson Teixeira Diretor de TI


"When we installed Gimel's Cloud services, the biggest benefit to our company was an ease of access data applications from anywhere. In addition, safety and stability stand out every day. Gímel stands out for being efficient in the support - always attentive - and agile in the solutions. It is a company with incredible know how in IT solutions, with excellent partners and a team of well professional and educated employees".

Thales da S. Souza Vitória Santos Comercial


"Since the beginning of the utilization of the Offsite Backup Services of Atuanti Data Center, we have been able to perform the backup of the company in a practical and efficient way. The differential is in the backup configuration application that is very simple and its programming very efficient. We are pleased with the service and service provided by Gimel Technology. It is a serious company and counts on employees who are very committed to the service and the attendance, besides possessing the technology that satisfies our needs".

Antonio Neto Gerente de TI
Muriam Concreto


"I am fully satisfied with the services provided by Gimel. Since I started using dedicated hosting and Office 365 I have been able to integrate many of Microsoft's features, share the progress of more complex projects, and organize my technical teams. As my IT service provider, I highlight Gimel for the availability in solving doubts and problems, for the excellent server service and also for the support offered by them".

Ricardo Cataldi Empreendedor


"With the hiring of the Cloud Instance Virtualization service provided by AtuanTI we had more agility in accessing the system. This same agility is the differential of the company in relation to the others that we have worked in the past, as it provides us with fast response and efficient support, as well as being an excellent service provider that meets all customer needs. "

Alexandre Caetano Controlling Analyst
Halma Brazil


"Since we started using the services of Datacenter App Hosting provided by AtuanTI by Gímel Group we identified improvements for our company in the management, price and service received, mainly because we know that we have who to call in case of problems. Another difference of this company is the transparency in the whole process. Whenever is possible I indicate their services with the recommendation: 'Hire Gímel that you will have control and security of your environment' ".

Altamir Abrao Jr Gerente Executivo
Tiger Sistemas LTDA


“After a few searches of IT companies on the internet, we found Gímel and set up our printers with them. We were pleased with the timeliness and availability for immediate service resolution. They differ from other companies in the matter of customer concern and after sales, this is important. I realize that some companies are concerned with just selling the service and do not make this feedback, I think it is important and shows concern for the customer and guarantee of the service provided. Gimel is a serious company that has highly qualified professionals who provide cost-effective service to their clients; we will certainly be hiring new services as needed. ”

Vanessa Costa Supreme Medicina Especializada


" AtuanTI has been our IT services provider since May 2017, when we hired them for Site Support and Management. Currently, in addition to the managed services also the Dark Web Monitoring. We are satisfied with their support, because they support us very well and the staff is very committed to our company. In addition, immediate care is a differential and certainly the signs of the companies".

Mario Ferreira CEO

Sorry, this entry is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.

(Português) Gabriel Gerente de TI
The Valspar


"From the outset we liked AtuanTI's confidence in the services that would be managed by them. We believe this to be the differential of the company and it is the reason that we would indicate them to our contacts".

Renata Sarmento Semeei


"We have 3 shops in São Paulo and AtuanTI manages all my I.T. It was they who did all the infrastructure of the 3 stores, and who lined up the other suppliers for connectivity, radios, engineering, credit card terminals, TVs, almost everything.

We really like working with AtuanTI. Always when we need them they take care of us and often when the problems occur I do not see them because they monitor our I.T. and resolve it there.

Later in the month I see the call reports and I'm glad to know that we needed I.T. help and I did not know, because the problem did not come to me, only the solution reaches me."

Henry Bernard Diretor Executivo

Sorry, this entry is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.

(Português) Débora Pereira Bezerra Directora
JC Patrimonial