Here are 10 reasons to trust AtuanTI by Gímel Group

1. Respected in the Community and Industry. We are recognized for many awards from leading organizations such as the 2015-2016 Ingram Micro Featured Product Mix, Lenovo Business Partner Platinum 2013, MS Small Business Specialist 2011, Microsoft Integrator Club 2010, and more.

2. We become your IT department, not your IT consultant. Some IT companies tell you how to proceed. For example, they say you may need to replace certain equipment or software before it harms your customers / employees. With AtuanTI is different, we respond to your requests based on your actual needs.

3. We schedule system updates and fixes after hours so you don't interrupt your business. System upgrades and installations can bring down the system for several hours - which is why we can schedule these types of updates at night or on weekends and avoid any disruptions to your business.

4. We are much less expensive than hiring full time support staff. By outsourcing your IT support to us, you can save thousands of dollars in hiring, salaries and benefits.

5. We monitor your network 24x7. IT disasters do not always happen during business hours. You need an IT company that is monitoring your network all the time. With our monitoring software, we can know when something happens on your network, often before you.

6. We have the ability to handle small or large IT projects. As a customer you will have direct access to a dedicated account manager to deal with any issues, questions or concerns.

7. We don't just support you with information technology, we help you grow. Many IT companies only offer IT support. We go beyond that. Our team works with you on everything from small equipment purchases to moving and expanding your business to a whole new place.

8. We are sensitive to your organization's IT budget. Let's work with your financial goals and align IT with your budget.

9. We guarantee migration to Office 365 with no data loss, no frustration or downtime. If you travel a lot, have remote workers, or prefer to use an iPad while traveling and a laptop in your home, migrating will give you the ability to work with any of these devices. The ease of mobility and productivity are amazing. Migrate now!

10. We build lasting relationships. We want to be your IT provider for years to come. Many of our customers have been with us for a long time. We value the quality of relationships.